Silivea Johnson - show host / producer "Silivea J"


Silivea Johnson is an American Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Music Engineer, Actress , and Syndication Host. She is an exceptionally talented female pioneer who creates heart-felt music and productions that capture audiences through messages of simplicity and hope. When adding her strong vocal ability to the mix, it is certainly a recipe for more than just a joyful noise!

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In the year 2000, Silivea began to further expand the message of Christ through her own music and various productions. It was then when launched her first independent debut album entitled, " I Give Him Praise". Although her primary genre is Christian and Gospel, she is also known as extraordinary jazz vocalist. Silivea has opened for a variety of mainstream artists such as Patti LaBelle, and Dionne Warwick. She also toured professionally as lead vocalist with Billboard Award winning Jazz Trumpeter Tom Browne, and was featured on Browne's "Mo' Jamaica Funk" Album in 1993. More recently, Silivea was cast as a supporting actress in a multi-award winning Off- Broadway Stage Premier of "The Color Purple", where she played one of the trio church ladies.

Today as a Musician, Producer, and Engineer, Silivea Johnson spreads the good news of Jesus Christ through various types of audio, print, and visual products. Created as a ministry and hobby, she founded Out Of Bondage Music & Productions to offers a host of productions, that have given birth to the “Living Out Of Bondage TV Show”, and more recently, the "Out Of Bondage Music Radio Syndication Show". Silivea has long since been the founder of Out Of Bondage Records & S.J. Productions Studio, which was launched during the release of her second album, "Legacy Of Christ" in 2008.  The concept was created out of her love and passion for a life in Christ, and regardless of the minimal reward, she still strives to help others realize their own visions, goals, and purpose....For more information on  Silivea Johnson, or to book for concerts, hosting, or speaking engagements, visit:


Check Out Silivea Johnson's latest single release, "Can't Fix It"




Show Host / Producer Johnson is best known On-Air by listeners as "Silivea J". As one of few female producer/ engineers in this genre of gospel music, she has a leading edge both on and off the air. Her professional experience as a musician, and vocalist, has awarded her various opportunities to interview award winning major artists on several occasions.
Silivea Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Politics from Winston-Salem State University. She worked on the campus radio station as an on-air personality during her college years. After graduating, she worked for nearly two years in car sales before returing to her home town, and ultimately landing a position in radio sales. After working for Cumulus Broadcasting in sales, Silivea left radio, and joined her husband to work in their small local business currently still owned today.









In 2013, Johnson was cast as host and producer of "Gospel Reflections Radio Show", a Westwood One Syndication. The Gospel Reflections Radio program, created by the late award winning announcer Kevin 'Soni D' Allen, was a weekly two hour program featuring old school gospel music mixes broadcasting weekly on 14 terrestrial and internet radio stations in the USA. As a newly solicited show host honoring Soni D's legacy, Silivea re-branded and produced the show for nearly 3 months before receiving an offer to host her very own show from her previously created brand. During her tenure with "Gospel Reflections" , she represented the show as on-air personality and producer backstage at the 2014 Annual Stellar Awards Show.


The goal for Out Of Bondage Music & Productions L.L.C. is to render great gospel music and content to listeners from every gender, generation, and lifestyle. The Show's tagline is, "Music that brings you out of bondage, and into the marvelous light of Christ". We strive to engage all generations and styles of gospel music listeners to encourage dialogue between the old and young, while keeping this genre of music alive! We hope to propel the next generation of listeners to reach higher, keep the faith, and achieve their goals.











The syndication can currently be heard as a weekly broadcast on the following affiliate stations in the USA:

WMNX Coast 97.3 FM- Wilmington, NC (terrestrial station)
1015THE VIBE - Atlanta, GA (internet station)
 KSPR- Soul Prosper Radio - Dallas-Fort Wort, TX (internet station)